10 Best Wedding Dress for Big Bust 2024 – Gown for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding day requires you to consider a million details – the venue, the caterer, the reception, and so on. However, one of the most important things is a wedding dress. Finding the appropriate one for women with a big bust can be a challenge since it needs to complement all the curves and make them look beautiful on a big day. It is challenging but far from impossible, so today we will take a look at the best wedding dress for big bust.

If you are blessed with a bigger chest, you will have to visit multiple bridal shops and do thorough research before choosing. But fear not, because there are plenty of wedding dresses that can support the bigger bust, and we are going to help you find the perfect one. So without further delay, let us get into it.

List of Best Wedding Dresses for Big Bust

1. Abaowedding Women’s Wedding Dress for Bride

Abaowedding Women's Wedding Dress for Bride

Available in multiple sizes and white and ivory colors, this wedding dress comes from the Abaowedding store. The dress has a zipper closure and is made of lace appliques and tulle. There is custom sizing available, so if you are blessed with a big bust, you can get all the measurements right and look perfect on your big day.

The sellers are very friendly and informative and will respond quickly, which is really important since you will be running a tight schedule before the wedding day. The seller responds within a day after you send the message on Amazon. The dress is absolutely gorgeous, goes with any lipstick, and comes at an affordable price.

Make sure to check the sizing chart carefully, and measure everything right, and you will surely be more than satisfied with the product. The material is thick, the lace is sewn nicely, and the belt is very good-looking. It is a great dress for a great price and is well worth checking out.

2. Cupocupa Wedding Dress

Cupocupa Wedding Dress

Coming from the Cupocupa store, this wedding dress is available in a variety of sizes and is made of soft silk chiffon. It is a boho-inspired beach wedding dress with a drape that looks absolutely stunning and features a zipper closure.

The dress is very light, which is a great piece of news since you will be wearing it for a whole day and it is important that you feel comfortable. An open back adds even more to the overall comfort and boosts that feathery and carefree feeling while wearing the dress.

If you are blessed with a larger chest, it is recommended to add darts to the waistline to make it lay flat. In order to provide your chest with more support, make sure to lace the ribbon through the shoulder straps. The dress is beautiful and will make you look handsome and pretty on your big day.

3. Abaowedding Women’s Wedding Dress Lace Double V-Neck Sleeveless

Abaowedding Women's Wedding Dress Lace Double V-Neck Sleeveless



This A-line style dress is another beautiful wedding gown coming from the Abaowedding store. It features a zipper closure, double V neck, and is appliqued with sequin and beading. The dress is sleeveless, has a floor-length, and is an excellent choice for women blessed with a big bust.

You can pick this dress in various sizes, but there is also custom sizing available, so you will be able to get a glove-like fit if you measure everything right. The dress is simple yet very elegant enough with the beading on the corset. It arrives in perfect condition and complements the bigger bust excellently.

The dress is very light, and it makes a huge difference in the way how bride carries herself throughout her big day. If you want to order some precise size, bear in mind that they run a bit small, so it is recommended to order one or two sizes bigger, and check the sizing chart thoroughly.

4. JAEDEN Wedding Dress

JAEDEN Wedding Dress

Coming from the Jaeden store, this wedding gown is available in a variety of sizes and ivory and white colors. There is also a window of 5 cm, allowing you to modify the dress if it is too small for you; however, it is true to its size, so make sure to read the sizing chart carefully.

The lace fabric is very smooth and comfortable, and the gown is very visually appealing and detailed. The great thing about the dress is that it can easily be adjusted, and the design is suitable for women with big chests. The gown is lightweight and feels like you are wearing nothing at all, which is great because comfort bears great importance on the wedding day.

Moreover, the dress looks much more expensive than the price you are actually paying, and its vintage look will definitely make you stand out and be the prettiest person in the room. The sellers are absolutely amazing to work with and are very informative, and respond on very short notice.

5. LMBRIDAL Women’s Scoop Neck Ball Gown Wedding Dress WBD10

LMBRIDAL Women's Scoop Neck Ball Gown Wedding Dress WBD10

This wedding gown is available in nine different colors and is a product that comes from the Lmbridal store. It has a beautiful classic look and a drawstring closure. There is a variety of size options that you can go for, and each and every dress is true to its size.

To ensure you get a glove-like fit, check the sizing chart that the manufacturer provides. The gown is very lightweight, and the fabric feels amazing on the skin, which is a very important factor since you will be spending most of your big day in it.

There is also an option to go for a custom size so that you can get a precise fit that will provide you with the best comfort you can get. The fabric is detailed and feels much more expensive than it actually is. The fit is excellent, and you should definitely check this model out.

6. SIQINZHENG Mermaid Full Lace Wedding Dress

SIQINZHENG Mermaid Full Lace Wedding Dress

This lovely and inexpensive bridal gown comes from the Siqinzheng store, and you can choose it in white or ivory color. It is available in a variety of sizes, but you can also customize the design, color, and size to get the perfect, glove-like fit.

The dress is very pretty, and the back buttons over the zipper are done with a lot of attention to detail. The one downside of this gown is that the neckline looks a little bit unstable, but it is a minor drawback. It is also worth mentioning that the dress comes with a sewn-in seam allowance, so you will be able to correct the chest area if the fit is not perfect.

The dress looks exactly as it is displayed on the Amazon page, and it is very modest, classic, and elegant. The satin and cotton lining are very thick and high in quality, and the lace is surprisingly even. The sewing is also very good, and the dress has a very little weight to it, which is very important for comfort.

7. Stylefun Women V Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress

tylefun Women V Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress

Coming from the Stylefun store, this wedding dress fits like a glove and is very flattering. It is very nice looking, made of quality fabrics, and available in multiple shades of white and ivory color. The company is also amazing to work with, very informative, and responsive to messages.

The fabric is very thick, and the overall look is very detailed and amazing. The sizing chart is also very descriptive and detailed, so you can pick the size that will fit you perfectly. The gown is very light and comfy, and since you will be wearing it for the bigger part of the day, these features are very convenient.

The dress has a zipper closure and is a great choice for women blessed with bigger breasts. Moreover, you will not have to make any alterations upon the arrival of the dress if you pick the size just right. Considering the price and quality, you are getting, this gown is a real bargain.

8. Chady Lace Beach Wedding Dress

Chady Lace Beach Wedding Dress

This beautiful and stylish beach wedding dress is a product of the Chady store, and it features top-notch soft chiffon lace satin coverings. It is a well-made dress, and the manufacturers devoted a lot of attention to tiny, important detail.

The stitching is very nice, and the applique details look truly stunning and will make you the prettiest person on your big day. The material is also very soft and feels great on the skin, and considering that it is also light, you will feel comfortable throughout the whole day.

The dress is flowy, has a train (not too long), the built-in bra is very comfortable, and the details on the dress, although simple, are elegant and fashionable. Although this product is labeled as a “beach wedding dress,” it is suitable to wear anywhere anytime. It is a great gown and well worth checking out.

9. Likedpage Women’s Lace Bridal Wedding Dresses

Likedpage Women's Lace Bridal Wedding Dresses

Coming from the Likedpage store, this bridal gown offers an amazing, glove-like fit without the need for any alterations since it is true to its size. The dress is available in multiple sizes, and you can pick either ivory or white color. It is a great pick for ladies with a big bust due to its incredible support on the upper body.

The gown is made of soft and smooth lace that is very light and flows beautifully. The underside is made of satin material that has a very nice shine to it. You also get the ribbon for the corset backing, which is really important for chest support.

The sizing chart is very accurate, so make sure to read it carefully and just go for it. The dress is also great for taller ladies with big busts due to its length and high levels of comfort. Also, this gown comes at a very low price and looks much more expensive than it actually is.

10. LIPOSA Bohemian Wedding Dress

LIPOSA Bohemian Wedding Dress

This bohemian wedding dress comes from the Liposa store, and you can order a custom size to ensure the perfect fit. On the front, the gown features an adjustable spaghetti strap, and the back part is open, which is an elegant way to reveal some skin.

The sides are really good-looking, and the waist can be easily adjusted by pulling or loosening the tassels. You will save a great deal of money if you order the custom size and will save yourself a lot of hassle. Moreover, the dress offers exceptional upper body support and is a great pick for women with bigger breasts.

It is long, has a bit of a train, and has a nice weight to it, so you will be able to wear it effortlessly and gracefully throughout the whole wedding day. The material is very thick, soft, and flows smoothly. You get amazing value for the price, so consider checking this dress out.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Wedding Dress for Big Bust

wedding dress for big chest

Picking a wedding dress that is visually appealing to you is only a part of the job. You must consider numerous tiny details before making a final decision and picking an ideal gown for your big day. In order to help you make the right choice, we have put together a brief list of guidelines to follow when shopping for a wedding dress.

Wear an Adequate Bra When Trying the Dress

In order to get the size and comfort just right, it is important to wear an adequate bra when trying the dress on. We recommend you to try it on with a supportive strapless, longline or regular bra since it will give you an accurate look at how the gown will fit you.


Make sure to explore the strap options. It is wise to look for thicker solutions since they will be able to cover your bra straps. This way, your chest will have extra support, and you will not have to compromise on the overall appearance of the dress.


There are countless wedding dress styles, but only some of them can provide the necessary comfort and support for ladies with a bigger bust. Look for a dress that has raised backs or corsets. This way, you can wear the bra without anyone noticing it, plus the corset can be adjusted and grant you extra support.

Neckline Options

Although brides often go for V-line necklines, if you are not a big fan of exposing your cleavage, there are numerous bust-friendly necklines that you can go for. Opt for a bateau neckline or a pretty off-the-shoulder look. These neckline styles can incorporate strapless bras and give you some extra support.

Avoid Boxy Silhouettes

Always look for wedding gown styles that emphasize natural curves. Boxy silhouettes often make your body look wider than it actually is, and that is not what you want, especially if you are attempting to minimize the appearance of a larger bust. Look for a streamlined look that draws eyes vertically.

Frequently Asked Questions

wedding dress

What to look for in dresses for a big bust?

The most important thing to look for is, of course, comfort. But it is not enough to suit the ladies with a big bust, and you will need to look for a gown that has a bust-friendly neckline, raised backs, and wide enough straps that can cover bra straps underneath.

Should I wear a bra underneath my wedding dress?

It is recommended to wear a bra underneath the wedding dress, especially if you are blessed with a big bust. The bra will provide you with extra support and comfort, which is rather important since you will be wearing this gown throughout the whole day.

Should I buy a strapless wedding dress for a big bust?

Strapless wedding dresses are a very popular choice nowadays; however, you should tread with caution and choose them carefully. When you have large breasts, it is crucial to pick a properly sized strapless dress because if you get the one that is too small or too low, you will likely regret it.

What to avoid when buying a wedding dress for a big bust?

One of the main things you should avoid when purchasing a wedding dress for a big bust is a high neckline, as it will make your breasts look much bigger. Also, it is wise to stay away from halter-top styles.

What neckline should I go for?

A Sweetheart, V-neck, or Scoop neck are all very flattering for ladies with a big bust. If you do not mind showing some skin, an off-the-shoulder look can also be a suitable solution for you.

Final Words

Although many women find picking the wedding dress a very stressful job, it does not mean it is a rule, and you can find a lot of joy and fun while doing so. It is also very wise to go browsing and shopping with your friends or family as they will provide you with helpful tips and useful comments.

We hope you liked the top picks and tips we provided in this guide. Make sure always to read sizing charts and measure everything right to save yourself the hassle. Look for customer reviews and ratings, and we are sure that you will make the right choice and look beautiful on your special day.